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Men at the age of 16 to 65 are subject to early ejaculation. In case of the high sexual arousal or seldom sexual intercourse, the premature ejaculation is not a pathology, and it should not bother a man. A degree of the sexual arousal is reduced after 1-2 ejaculations, the nerve endings of the penis become less sensitive and a duration of the sexual intercourse is regulated.
If the premature ejaculation does not have objective causes and a duration of the sexual intercourse takes less than 2-3 minutes, pay attention to it.

“Premature ejaculation is treatable”
In spite of the common opinion, that it is impossible to treat the premature ejaculation, the modern medicine offers more and more methods to prevent and treat this disorder. One of the most available and effective drugs for the treatment of this sexual disorder is Priligy.

Priligy is the only drug on the pharmaceutical market of the USA to increase a duration of the sexual intercourse and is approved by FDA. Now Priligy is for sale not only in the city pharmacies, but also on the internet. As the active ingredients of the drug have an antidepressive effect, the sales of Priligy are controlled. That is why, every man has to have a prescription to buy this drug. The internet pharmacies give an opportunity to avoid this inconvenient and expensive procedure and just buy Priligy over the counter. It is legal, and any number of the pills may be used.

Buying Priligy may be easier than you think. Discover completely new sensations in the sexual life and have a confidence in your strength.
A premature ejaculation is a resoluble issue. Even if you have this problem for many years, it is time to buy Priligy online and get rid of the early ejaculation.